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Sunday, September 07, 2008

For jie again:

Jiessie's convocation... i tell u, i love her camera! hehe... shit.. need to do something abt my specs
(jie! omg la since when my legs look like tt rite?!!!) n i think i m giving mommy tt garcon dress

Friday, September 05, 2008

for jie...

jasmine's baby's christening..

Finally pics!!!


Jie and me!! *ahem A&F wannabe&

From Left: mommy, daddy, jie, ME!, jie, gor gor

sorry, was looking at the ceiling! hehe

apparently i was the only who was still fascinated by the ceiling

sorry jie, tried my best. i dunno how to tilt it back

Mommy n ME

Eiffel Tower~~~ (the only nice photo taken by urs truly here)

Of course must go to other famous landmarks rite?
(Christian Louboutin) Holy Shoes....

Outside Louvre

was either counting pigeons or was just absorbing the arty farty air
outside the Louvre

can't believe i took this pic earlier than Coldplay *LOL*


Monday, December 24, 2007

First thing first... i'm so happy that besides victoria n woman, there're ppl who visited my blog!!!! thank u aqilah, natalia n jordan... n ppl who didn't tag.

anyways.. i jus came back from Paris! Paris, city of watever... but to me,
*ahem* it's the city of bags!!!! my godnesss... i nearly fainted. it was handbag heaven. the streets of paris make orchard road look so so so so so so bad!

there are really a mixture of races in paris, compared to london. *note: not being racist here* the mrt system is slightly complicated, which is mainly due to the confusing n long french names. n speaking of which, after my short stay in paris, i've learned some useful vocab (see below):

sortie : exit
merci: thank u
bonjour: something u say whenever u go into shops (totally forgot the true meaning)

yes. it's little but still... dun laugh la. i did my best.

this is v impt. this is one of the most impt part of my blog. despite my initial beliefs, paris men aren't tt handsome. BUT... after some days of intensive 'looking around', my sisters n mom n i have a handsome parisian guy in our heart. the salesguy at Prada. He won mainly due to the fact tt we didn't see tt much of handsome guys n that he wasn't guy. i mean when u seea handsome guy at those boutiques, u tihnk he's gay. but this guy.... my handsome. detailed descriptions would be given on requests from female frens :D

so far, i think london angmohs are more handsome-r.

something tt is as many branded labels on champs elysee n saint honuree (hopefully i got tt right)... is DOG SHIT. my goodness. u can get 'gold' anywhere on the streets. this is super fatal for ur shoes. n thankfully, HAHA, i didn't get any!!!!! (think i will get some on my shoes rite? victoria n woman?! NO!!! i practically had to look on the floors as i walk. so clever of me i know~~~~)

oh yaya... went to Louvre n saw the famous Mona Lisa. it is indeed smaller than we tot n the museum ppl actually kind of blocked it further from ppl to view it closer, compared to other paintings. the pigeons in paris are equally fat aka obese, in my opinion, as london pigeons.

effifel tower. (i dunno if i spelt tt correctly but u noe it's which tower i'm talking abt). it was magnificent!!!! so metallic! i didn't went up cos there were really many ppl queueing up. there were also many ppl queueing up to climb the stairs to the first viewing site. n during the evening, the tower will sparkle!!! so nice my god~

another famous paris landmark is... LV!!! we went to the 'headquarter' at champs elysee. my goodness. Lv practicaly owned one part of the building. so from far, u cna see LV n Louis Vuitton from far. so magnificent.

the varieties of LV bags is sooooooo..... haiz, dun even noe why s'poreans would queue up @ taka's when they dun have much designs are at least $400 more expensive.

update: my sisters think tt paris men are more handsome-r then london men. sharen just can't get over italian men. that's where i'm going next yr. MY GOD!

it was kind of sad to see so many LV bags. i know.... u may have tot tt i would have gone crazy but ... it was just sad to see so many lv nags. didn't get any for myself/ there was so many lv bags tt it was lik eso common. n the lv is like a ladies battlegrd. many ppl were buying. my mom n sis n i were calculating n we have come to the conclusion tt lv were at least earning $10 000 per 30 mins. no joke...

erm.. as for myself. i did get something.. LOL. yes i did but it's not a bag! i got a wallet.

moving on... erm let me see if i missed anything.

i ate croque monsieur/ madame everyday. it's toasted sandwich with mozarelle cheese on top with ham. croque monsieur n madame are the same, just tt madame has an extra egg on top of it. LOL.... u n tooe u noe? up to ur individual imagination on why... HAHA

left with 2 or 3 more days in london. n i missed london terribly when i was in paris. i kind of preferred london over paris. dun ask me why... long story...

tmr i so have to mke my last trip to Topshop, H&M and Primark. there's this V CUTE cashier guy at cashier no 2!!! even my mom agrees with me!!! so cute~~~~

AHEM.... back to serious topics... tmr's christmas eve!!!! n i'm going to ice skate tmr~~~~~~ n impt but my sis is going to read my blog so i do have to give special mention to the places i'm going with her. Hyde park....

oh yaya! my mom n sis are discussing abt Abercrombie n Fitch. MY GOD!!!! there were like 2 male models at the door. n they do nothing all day but to just open doors. i nearly fainted! but they were really all bimbos n himbos. but i dun really care abt bimbos. i'm more concerned abt. *AHEM :D* sales guy. they were so HANDSOME!!! victoria, i tell u, as u buy, u look at those sales men, u will laugh!!!! explain to u when i come back. nothing dirty la!

i really love this potato chip in london. it's called walkers but i suspect tt it's a diff form of Lays. i m in love with the cheese n onion flavour. victoria, if u want a taste of it, tag n i will bring/save one for u guys. IT'S SO NICE!! n i'm also in love with the happy hippo. it's this small, corny looking happy tt's kinder bueno flavour. will bring back to give. SO NICE!!! so cute!!!

gtg now... have to discuss with my mom with our shopping strategy for tmr. apparently in london, all the shops would be closed on xmas day. n they would be closed like 6 in the evening on christmas eve. so tmr my mom n i have t rus our shopping tmr...

victoria: ya ya, got ur gifts from paris n london... i think so. oh no! i'm not sure now.. LOL!

chantelle: still looking, but dun worry....

jordan: jessie n sharen jie jie n i chipped in a gift for u!!!!

woman: erm... got one from paris but erm i know the thing i'm getting for u in london but i have to see if the shop opens tmr morning. will get tt first thing in the morning. it's ex for the thing im getting! so u must appreciate la! the one count as xmas can or not?!

gtg n sleep!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


tmr's going to be my last day in london... so i'm pretty sad now. london's fun and everyone shld really really come. i really mean it. it's just v different from any asian countries. from the culture to the buildings n the ppl here, it's v special.

will be leaving for paris soon. yes, will visit LV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LV!!!!!!!! and the louvre but watever...LV!!!!

*ahem* VICTORIA, we must come to london together. u n mei mei will definitely like it. cy, u will like it too. jerome, erm..... pls, i know u know tt u can well afford it one la! others who have been reading my blog n NOT tagged, u must come too!!! they have so many musicals here tt u know it will take maybe another 5 yrs before they come to s'pore or even never will come *due to racy subjects*

have been going to H&M like almost everyday. oh ya.. have to mention my b'day present. rmb my iconic baby photo? the one with me crawling on some bad? it has been made into a anya hindmarch bag. victoria, u shld so see this!!!! it's this bag with my lovely cute n big head!!!!! as those who might be curious abt the price.... let's just say erm.... i nearly fainted when i heard tt my sis paid tt muc for a bag... *vic: i'm sure my mom will tell ur mom... even nv tell, will tell u* and woman, u better appreciate this bag man! my god, whoever says it's not nice, u're so dead! the bag's so cute!!!! n so smooth!!!

oh ya. went to british museum today. we went to see real mummified mummies!!! my mom n i were discussing if there were really bodies underneath those cloth. after reading those accompanying notes... we gathered tt there were really mummies under those wrapped cloths!!! my goodness. there was even this body, which was real, tt has been preserved. the most amazing thing was tt u could see the flesh. imagine salted fish but in human form. my god, just e tot of it can make u dun want to eat anything afterwards.

last minute crazy shopping tmr. yes, will be buying gifts for my cousins n frens.
*not u jerome, since u're way richer than me :D* pls dun have any high expectations as i remind u tt exchange rate is crazy here. *x 3* i've figured out mostly wat to buy for whom.

would really love to upload pics but i can't really rely on this com n my sis camera. the best description tt i can give is tt london really looks like wat it appears on english movies. the bus n tube n the places.

n i think the ppl here really love princess diana. they talk abt her case almost every single day! n there's really a big contrast btw londoners n s'poreans. londoners like to read newspapers n books on their tube while s'poreans like to be occuppied with mp3s or psps. maybe it could be due to the fact tt they have many free newspapers n the tube nv passes any landscapes for viewing but just undergrds n more undergrds.

i really like london n i really can't empathsize more to encourage ppl to come.... esp youths... *victoria n chantelle: we so have to come before sharen jie jie returns to s'pore. if da ah yi can shop till she drops... i tell u, the three of us can shop till we die! choi of course, but u noe wat i mean rite? still pls dun be too excited with wat we bought.. i meant the shopping experience not the end product*

tadah~!!!! ok la, till next time~


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

let me dedicate this short portion of my blog to my fren, jerome ho, who realised the existence of my blog just recently. yes, JEROME, i take the tube everyday. but it's pretty expensive. my sis bought us the seven day pass but it costs 34 pounds each. it's very old, seeing that it has been regarded the pioneer 'mrt system'. i would really like to upload photos rite now but my sis laptop at this moment isn't v reliable.... seeing tt it took a good 4 days before it likes me and gave me internet connection. the seats of the tube are cloth... not like s'pore's which is plastic. and each section of the train aren't connected. there's a door but it says something like 'open this door may lead to death'. and whenever the tube passes some underground, the lights either flicker or go out for a few seconds.

rihanna concert wasn't tt fantastic as i tot it would be, seeing tt it's at london's wembley. she started her concert late by an hour! there was this guy who made an announcement that she would be late, the crowd would boo... according to my sister, londoners hate concerts to be late and they would boo really loud. and they did. i can assure that.

rihanna's hair is back at her orginal long length. erm... not nice though, cos she permed it. so it looks like poodles hair now. her concert was v disrupted. it was like after she sang finish a song, the lights would go out and u would think tt she went to change clothes. but she didn't. her video on the screen wasn't fastastic too. i think christina aguilera's was way much better...

erm... oh ya, everyone shld go to youtube n watch avenue q! it's very funny! but of course, might be too nc 16 or even r21.

n i finally ate fish n chips! nothing to comment except tt it's really made of fish n potato. :D

my mom went another round at Primark and H&M. JEROME, see? i practically dedicate this blog to you, u would also love primark! it's so cheap!

i know it's london but at this moment, it has been quite clear to me, my mom n sis tt we're too tired to shop. we've shopped to the extent whereby we are just so tired to take off our winter wear to try clothes or to look for clothes. but of course, won't let this affect me. :D

gtg n see king tut. some mummy or watever....

oh before i forget, i would recommend london to everyone. it's really nice n diff. don't let the exchange rate affect everything! :D esp u JEROME!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Despite my bestest fren's [yes, it's u, woman] belief that i'm too busy with shopping to update my blog (which is so 'not' true), i'm here to update..

london is so london! everything's so london... but the bad part's that ur 'bi sai' aka nose shit, will become so black! it's disgusting but true.

before i forget, i finally know why s'pore changi airport always win some airport awards. really, i get it now. i was at heathrow airport n it made me appreciate changi airport. it's v simple n u have to walk for like 20 minutes after leaving the airplane to the customs. n their accent here is so thick! my goodness~

the weather here is pretty cold. the only most appropriate comparison i can make to show the coldness is that is much colder than genting. lol. i know, bimbo me! sorry

moving on, my sister hse's so londonish! it's small but londonish.

so far, we've visited the london eye, buckingham palace, some place, oh ya, london tower/bridge, topshop!!!! H&M!!! Primark n Harrods. Harrods makes taka looks so cheap n the rich ppl shopping at Harrods makes those s'pore or expat tai tais shopping in takas look so ....u noe wat i mean

went to watch 2 musicals, rent n avenue q. rent was depressing... u get gay man dying (i like him though, such a colorful character), pretty & skinny girl injecting drug in btw her toes (tt's wat i figure) and ppl who find purpose in their lives. avenue q was funny! v R21 and they really make fun of sesame street. i like this character, which i think, was based on oscar the grouch. n he's very on abt porn! LOL. so funny~

the shopping at london wasn't tt bad as i tot. i mean everyone thinks tt it's ex, which it is at times but still it doesn't *ahem* affect moi. hehe. my mom's crazy abt Primark which is this shop that sells stuff at an incredibly low price! i really mean it. i mean my mom was like die die had to buy a shirt that was only 1.5 pounds!

i gtg now. today's rihanna day!!!! i have to buy more dresses!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I'm left with 4 days in S'pore before i leave for london but my pile of hmk has not been conquered yet. watever... shld enjoy my holidays before next yr's a lvls. my sis (sharen) has been excited abt our arrival.. i am too but i'm more excited abt my b'day present!!! i know i know, but btw sisters, there's no such need to be so courteous :D

my sister has planned a lot of things for us... so let me get it down before i get the 'jet lag' and start to lose my memory:

12 dec: arrive at london

13 dec: rent musical

14 dec: avenue Q musical

15 dec: rest (but maybe attack oxford street)

16 dec: RIHANNA!!!! (note to self: have to start to sing/learn her songs...)

17 dec: King tut (i can't spell out the full name, just some mummies) museum visit

18 dec: arrival of 2nd sis

19 dec: arrival of lee chong hock

20 dec: Paris

21 dec: still in Paris! (note to self: have to learn how to speak the following in french... "oh beautiful/handsome, how much is that?" and "where is the toilet?" and "how much is that?" and "that dress is beautiful! any discount?!")

22 dec: becoming a parisian soon

23 dec: returning back to london

24 dec: hyde park?

25 dec: x'mas!

26 dec: leaving london

i miss my cousins terribly..... victoria, chantelle & jordan, u guys better be reading this blog n tag!!! or else.... u soon~